newtonica2 resort "What is newtonica?" you might ask...
Inspired by "newtonica" the #1 App on the Japanese App Store,


newtonica2 is an addictive puzzle game with cool tunes for your iPhone/iPod touch! Even better, relax in the comfort of your very own cosmic wave-creating world as you guide the Chicks to their father. Treat your eyes and ears to the calm but hip and laid back world of newtonica2 resort.


cute and so simple that you almost want to eat it! But wait, it’s a puzzle game.

Doughnuts: Collect the doughnuts along the way. You'll get a surprise if you collect them all!

Game Goal: Lead the lost Chick to its father and bring back peace! There are a total of 36 stages in this game.

Game Rules: Touch the Black Sphere to create cosmic waves. Use the colorful space creatures "Elppa" to help the Chick get on the right track

"newtonica2" has tutorial stages. Catch the cosmic wave!

May the feather be with you!
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