newtonica player
  • newtonica player version2.0 was released!
    • Application Update (ver.2.0)
      "newtonica player" is designed to play the minimal techno tracks composed by Kenji Eno for the "newtonica" game. All of the tracks were specifically re-mastered for this application and as a music player, players can tap the center sphere to play music and add percussion. By tapping on the four pads at the bottom or the logo, you can join in on the music-making fun!

      - Added sound you can ring.
      - Remastered the background music.
  • newtonica player

  • "newtonica" For a limited time only, US$2.99!
    • ************************************************
      For a limited time only, US$2.99!
      (normally $4.99)

      If you haven't tried the game,
      now is your chance!

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2.01, 2009
  • "newtonica2 lite" was released.
    • The addictive brain-teaser that makes you smile!
      Praised by the media around the world for its stylish presentation and music, "newtonica2" offers long-lasting fun in one small package. Sample some stages with the free downloadable version titled "newtonica2 lite".

      The rule is simple: Lead the lost Chicks to its father by touching the black sphere and creating cosmic waves. Use the colorful space creatures "ELPPA" wisely to guide you to the right direction.

      May the feather be with you!
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1.30, 2009
1.13, 2009
  • "newtonica2 resort" was released.
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1.7, 2009
  • "newtonica2" won 3rd prize @ "The 10 best iPhone games of 2008"
    • "Moody tunes and simple visuals give this title a distinct style that perfectly matches its unusual breed of puzzle-solving. "
      read the article here!!!
1.7, 2009
  • review @ Poket Gamer (uk)
    • newtonica2 receives "9 out of 10" and Pocketgamer's Gold Award!
      “Even if you're just happy to fly through, newtonica2 is the kind of brain teaser that can absorb you for hours at a time. It's also coupled by some of the best presentation and music you'll see anywhere.”
      “newtonica2 is a flagship title for the iPhone: sleek, smart, stylish, clever, and most importantly, addictive.”
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  • IGN Award
1.7, 2009
  • newtonica2 Review @
12.23, 2008
  • newtonica2 Version1.5 was released.
    • -newtonica2 World Ranking
      If you clear all the stages, you can compete with the people all over the world.
      -Bug Fixes.
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12.16, 2008
  • newtonica2 Version1.2 was released.
    • -Some bugs are fixed.
12.10, 2008
  • newtonica2 1.0.1(Version UP) was released.
    • You can download "newtonica2" directly to your iPhone through air under 3G circumstance.
12.04, 2008
  • newtonica2 was released.
    • The sequel of number 1 application in Japanese App Store "newtonica", "newtonica2 - Return of the Baby Bird" has been launched!!
10.02, 2008
9.28, 2008
  • "newtonica" 1.5 (Version UP) was released.
      - the world ranking
      - You can download newtonica through the air (3G circumstance)
      - "Astro baby bird" has got helmet!!
      - Some bugs are fixed.
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9.26, 2008
  • "newtonica player (free)" was released.
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8.31, 2008
  • Game "newtonica" has hit into the #1 spot on Japan's App Store!(from 8/29 to 8/31)
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8.29, 2008
  • We released the game "newtonica" for iPhone/iPod touch.