Flick to rotate the Star Panel Sphere so that the falling meteors hit the cores with the matching colors! The more hits, the higher your life gauge goes up, taking you to the next level. Mistakes will lead to the game’s end.

“newtonica” is a minimal-defense shooting game that the developers brought to completion specifically for the intuitive interface available with the iPhone and iPod touch.

Get it, and get high!!

Game Creator Profiles

Kenichi Nishi
Born in Tokyo in 1967,
he founded his own company, LOVEDELIC, Ltd., after a stint at Square. After the release of “moon” for the Sony PlayStation platform, he began joint development of “L.O.L.” for the SEGA Dreamcast platform with the composer, Ryuichi Sakamoto. He went on to found SKIP, Ltd., working as game director for Nintendo GAMECUBE titles, “Giftopia” and “Chibi-Robo!,” as well as “Archime-DS” for the Nintendo DS.
He established Route24, Ltd., in 2006, to begin working as a freelance game artist.
Kenji Eno
Born in Tokyo in 1970.
In 1995, established Warp inc. to create and publish game software. By its innovative game content and marketing method, cumulative sales record has surpassed 2 million copies. He currently serves as the representative director of fyto inc.
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